21 days of Sugar Free...Bethany Gillespie's doing it!

21 days of Sugar Free…Bethany Gillespie’s doing it!

by Beth Reid


January is the month of Cleansing. I love that. Everyone takes stock of their diet, their life rhythms, attempting to shed their bad habits and accentuate the good. My sister-in- law Bethany Gillespie is in the middle of eliminating sugar, and she’s doing it in a wild way. 21 days with zero sugars. And she’s documenting her process by blogging every single day. 

Bethany lives in Cornwall, England with 3 happy kiddos. She’s married to my brother Jake! In addition to being a full time mom and running the PTA at her local elementary school… she’s also in University full time. Bethany packs life to the max and lives it well. Everything she puts her hand to she does with relish and flair! And she’s applying this drive for excellence to her blogging !


Below is her blog from Day  1   . You can click this link to go to her site and read her full journey! ‘See Ya Sugar … ‘

See Ya Sugar 

by Bethany Gillespie


“Well, today has been good; I’ve had no sugar all day. (Disclaimer, I did have to spit out a Dorito because I took one of Isaac’s without thinking! Too much information??) I have been very aware all day that I am the kind of person who once told she is not allowed something, thinks only of it. So, I have been thinking about my mum’s coconut cream pie ALL DAY LONG.

I’m not just cutting out white sugar. A detox is about retraining your body, so I am avoiding all foods that contain sugar, even natural sugars, and all foods that are sweet. So many foods contain sugar, so the list of food to avoid is pretty long. There are plenty of programs online that include and exclude different foods, but I am basing mine on a book called the 21 Day Detox, because it gives a good plan of what to do and includes lots of useful recipes.


Here are the food rules that I will be following for the next 21 days:

Food I will not be eating:
All fruits – (except lemon and lime)
Grains – Barley, Beans, Buckwheat, Flour, Lentils, Oats, Quinoa, Rice and Spelt
All dairy
Soy Sauce
Artificial Sweeteners

See ya sugar filled foods…

Food I will be eating:
All meat and fish
All vegetables (Squash, sweet potato and beetroot I will only have a maximum of half a cup a day)
Lemon and Lime
Nuts and Seeds
Coconut Milk and Oil
Olive Oil
Water, Herbal Teas
I will be drinking ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ everyday (more on that another day)

It does seem extreme! I don’t believe that people should eat this way long term, but the sugar fast is about taking a body that is addicted to sugar and going cold turkey. After the fast, I will slowly be introducing healthy foods back into my diet and allowing limited treats. I also want to take time during the next 21 days to really think about our whole families eating habits, and consider the changes we could make.

I have heard that there can be negative effects of doing a sugar fast, particularly in the first week, including;
Flu or cold symptoms
More emotionally sensitive or irritable
Lethargic or low energy
Gas or bloating
Body odour or bad breath
Skin breakouts
Sporadic sleep
Old memories and emotions resurfacing
Mucus drainage (I really don’t want to know what this is!)

What a fun list of withdrawal symptoms to look forward to. Think about it for a minute though…our bodies are so addicted to sugar that when we give it up, we have to go through a withdrawal process. Crazy.

Honestly, I mostly worried about breakfasts. We tend to eat a lot of granola, porridge, baked oatmeal and toast. I like eggs, but I really don’t want to eat them every day. So, I am searching around on Pinterest and trying to find as many ideas as possible. Anyone have any suggestions??”


Be sure to check out Bethany’s Blog to read her day to day journey these 21 days!


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  1. Emilia Mundrucz March 2, 2015 at 1:33 am #

    Hi Bethany,
    I just read your blog about fasting sugar for 21 days! You are a tough woman, all I can say is that I am crossing my fingers for you, and will be back to check on your progress! Oh, and respect for all you do “on the side” (Uni full time, PTA, and a full-time-mom 🙂

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