Inspiration for Community Eats?

In June 2013, 30 women gathered together to seek God. The Lord had been speaking to many of us that if we would activate women to love like Jesus loves, then we would be ever closer to seeing a move of God that brings revival and reformation to our cities. As we prayerfully discussed how we could see a generation of women mobilized to relentlessly pursue the heart of God and the hearts of others, the Lord began to speak about CommunityEats. For every woman to be equipped and released as a messenger for Jesus, we not only need gatherings and training manuals, we also need easy, practical ways that every one of us can naturally love and share Jesus. What is more natural and needed than the table?

What is Community Eats?

Community Eats is about ACTIVATING women to use their everyday activities and spaces to BRAVELY LOVE those around them.

This blog is a tool for the EVERYDAY woman: the suburban mom, the college girl, the female CEO. A tool to EQUIP you practically to gather friends, family and strangers at your table, where, together you can encounter Jesus and cheer one another on!

The table is a natural place to gather…so lets maximize it! Our prayer is that you will find resources, ideas, and tools through CommunityEats to gather and love on people in your home…Adding your own unique and beautiful flair to it! We can’t wait to hear YOUR stories of loving Jesus in your kitchen!


Our Thoughts on Food:

We believe in eating and feeding people REAL FOOD. What does that mean?


  • Nix the pre-packaged, microwavable meals and snacks and get cooking.
  • Read your food’s ingredient label and if you don’t know what the ingredient list means…please don’t eat it!
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables (local and organic is best).
  • High-quality grass-fed and organic meats (or the closest you can get within your budget).
  • Raw and/or organic dairy.
  • Nuts and seeds are good too.
  • Cultured or fermented foods like sauerkraut, kombucha and kiefer will boost your immune system and health like nothing you have experienced before.
  • Processed sugar is a no-no and everyone knows it… so we have lots of recipes on here that will appease your sweet tooth without spiking your blood sugar levels.
  • We try to avoid gluten (any product made from wheat and some oats) but do eat rice, gluten-free oats, and a little ancient grains such as quinoa and spelt (not gluten free but more tolerable for the digestive system).
  • We enjoy the Paleo diet, so we often avoid grains and dairy all together.  You will find some of those recipes on here too as well as other allergy-friendly ones! Here’s to eating REAL FOOD.


Who is Community Eats? 

Bethany Reid | Founder and Creative Director

My name is Bethany Reid, I’m a 34-year-old artist, cook,  Crossfit-er and people lover!  I live with my husband ( YWAM teacher and Crossfit Trainer) and 3 boys in the Bay Area of California,  where I teach Fashion Illustration at Apparel Arts in San Francisco and freelance doing chalkboards, drawings and other fun art projects. Cooking, photography and writing for Community Eats takes up much of my week… because it involves gathering groups of friends to cook and eat together! This blog is a record of REAL LIFE. For both Natalie and I Community Eats really is such a reflection of the community of women around us.

For me, feeding people feeds MY soul. Growing up eldest of 7 homeschooled, missionary children, I’ve been cooking since I could walk!  It was during our years on staff at YWAM’s University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii that I began in earnest to cook and call people over to eat what I’d made. Brunches around our small table sprawled over the backyard grass and into the neighbors’ porches too.  There we experienced a taste of what it is to live closely with others, learning growing and sharing the ups and downs of life together. In 2011 my husband Jeff and I moved to South Africa with our 3 young boys and a varied collection of families and single young people. We moved there to work in a Xhosa township, filled  with 40,000  souls, rife with all the issues you have heard about SA – abuse, violence and poverty. As a community of missionaries we saw God do amazing things, and many lives changed.

South Africa was where we truly learned the power of our dinner tables. We gathered each night with the young people living with our family, sharing our experiences of the day, what we were learning, where we saw Jesus, where we saw our NEED of Jesus. We brought our African friends to our tables, breaking down barriers of hatred between black and white  etc. We started community gardens and shared what little food we could get to grow ( I’m not the green thumb I would like to be!). We gathered weekly as an extended community of missionaries and ate together…with the rambunctious children climbing all over everywhere. It was a season of life unlike any other. What we experienced together around our tables (or floors) shaped and defined how we reached out to share Jesus with those around us. We were there for two and a half breathtaking years. What we learned there about the POWER of the TABLE has become engrained in the core of how we live and minister and we have carried it with us.( photo credit: )

TEN Things You May Not Know About Me: 

1. My favorite food is cake and I would eat it all day if there were not consequenses.

2. I never planned on being a missionary or having boys… yet here I am 12 years in!

3. My most real worship happens in the kitchen when I’m cooking alone.

4. I’m a natural  blond.

5. I love lifting weights and doing sprints.

6. Positivity is a non-negotiable in my world.

7. Fresh Flowers make me really happy.

8. I used to work at Starbucks and was probably the worst barista ever!

9. New York City is my favorite city on the planet.

10. I could draw for hours.


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