The Beauty of Fitness: Final Week

The Beauty of Fitness: Final Week

Have you all been enjoying Lu these past six weeks?  She is such an inspiration and her posts have been a glimpse of what she carries!

This week on Community Eats, Lu talks about the persona who says “I’m not that good, so I’m not going to start.”  So many times we won’t even try something because we are convinced we are not skilled, not interested, not “good.”  We don’t bother to ask for help to get us to take that step across the starting line and we write things off for fear of disappointing ourselves.  Check out her video post…


If you want to learn more about Lu Crenshaw and her fitness program entitled The Genesis Project, go to

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One Response to The Beauty of Fitness: Final Week

  1. MIkey June 19, 2014 at 3:57 pm #

    Being disciplined in all areas of life and doing the unpleasant tasks with a complete mind heart and body.
    Jesus didn’t want to die for all of mankind either, but he didn’t turn his back on me.
    I breathe deep and roll my eyes to often… these are two, of the many, habits that give me away and my friends and family.

    I like your comment “My Coach Makes Me Better”. Thanks for being my coach in the fitness of life. Every workout tests a known or unknown weakness and causes change to happen. While at the time, the change may not appear to positive, there is always a positive outcome. I strive daily to find the positive in all situations. I will be stronger the next time that “GROSS” workout or life challenge is put in front of me.

    God’s Blessing and Never ending GRACE.

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