The Benefits of Routine

The Benefits of Routine

Our lovely friend Emily Lewis shares with us today about the benefits of maintaining a consistent routine.  Read on to learn more…Tea

By Emily Lewis

The lifestyle of routine will impact every area, every detail and every activity of your life. Having a routine allows more time to be conscious of what you’re eating, amount of time you’re sleeping, your activities and helps maintain a great level of emotional balance. Routine enables us to live a holistic, balanced and consistent lifestyle that will put our minds at peace and our best foot forward. So much of our culture is “on the go,” and its easy to get overwhelmed. An established routine is the door that leads to implementing all the great health, fitness and well being advice that we love. Routine takes great ideas and makes them apart of your lifestyle.

Routine: Time

Maintaining some type of routine will help structure your life, whether it is a morning cup of tea to begin the day or an afternoon walk to the nearest park in the neighborhood. Creating routine surrounding details will eliminate distraction and help you maximize your time in getting all those details done.  Structured times daily dedicated to specific things drive creativity, focus and an ability to be present.

Routine: Food 

Craving. Overeating. Sweets.

Thinking through a daily palette is extremely helpful and helps maintain routine when it comes to eating well. Save yourself from the guilt of an impulsive fast food moment or snacking constantly throughout the day. Setting at least one meal time in stone during your routine will go a long way for your body’s health and well being. Eating at a consistent time daily has a direct correlation to digestion, stress levels, ability to focus, energy levels and sleep.  Cravings are our body’s way of letting us know that we need nutrients. Cravings for sugar, dairy and carbs are usually our bodies needing real food. When we are in a healthy routine of eating a balanced and consistent palette, cravings for sweets and carbs will subside tremendously. 

Routine: Sleep:

Having a routine sleeping schedule will provide a greater level of consistency in your daily mood and energy levels. Our bodies experience varied levels of stress each and every day, and sleep allows your body and your mind to replenish and recover from a busy day. It will build up your immune system going into the flu and cold seasons. You’ll wake up refreshed and have more energy and a greater ability to engage in daily activities. To get into a rhythm of  sleep, set a bedtime: go to sleep at the same time every night. Also, set an alarm: wake up at the same time every morning.  This helps set our internal clock.

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The lifestyle of routine is a big help in bringing more and more order to lives. The combination of eating well, sleeping well, and maximizing time are the core pillars in implementing a routine and the beginning of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. A routine allows us to be fully present where we are, which frees us to live abundant lives, work hard, enjoy friends, family and festivities.




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