Working out: how Beth stays motivated

Working out: how Beth stays motivated

by Bethany Reid 

Note: New recipe up today: ‘clean’ Teriyaki Sauce. It’s a family favorite and an absolute must try! 

We are 4 weeks into our 6 week series by Lu Crenshaw on working out, health, and what motivates you to/stops you from giving your all. Today I wanted to share with you my workout routine and how I stay motivated.



taken from an interview I did with culturedblog ( see below)

“What is your weekly work out routine and what helps you stick to it?

I aim to Crossfit 3x per week and then I add a couple of power walks or runs with a friend and a yoga session  with amazing ladies ( totally my workout highlight every week). I spent years working out really hard, literally fighting with myself and trying to achieve the ‘ideal’ body, which in my mind was 5ft8in and size 00. Through my 20’s and now into my 30’s I’ve learned to embrace the way I am built and to eat and workout to MAXIMIZE the beauty I am uniquely created to exude. When I’m eating well and giving 100% in each workout I know I am doing the utmost I can do to look the best that I can. I’ve learned to embrace the fact that my body is built strong and to respect the things it is able to do.

My BIGGEST motivator is my husband Jeff! He is a Crossfit trainer and incredible athlete. We often workout together and he’s definitely my favorite trainer. Working out with other women also keeps me motivated. I always think, ‘If they can do it then I can do it’ and I work a little harder. Training with a buddy is a great way to get time together with the full lives that we all live now! I also set goals that are action related rather than dress size related, like running a minute faster per mile, jumping to a higher box, or learning a new gymnastic skill. My goal last year was to do 30 pull ups on the 30th birthday… I did it and it felt amazing! I wasn’t thinking about whether or not I was as skinny as the girl next to me, I was just stoked out of my mind for the feat I just accomplished!”

I did an interview a little while back for talking about this same subject, to read my full Interview on how I stay healthy and motived, go to 


pictured above: we’ve turned one side of our house into a gym, there’s always a workout happening in our home! photo cred: Brittny Debonis


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