The Genesis Project: 90 Day Wellness Overhaul

The Genesis Project: 90 Day Wellness Overhaul

In this ‘Beauty of Fitness’ series we are talking about lots of ideas etc. Doesn’t this inspire you to DO something about your health and fitness?

Today we share with you ‘The Genesis Project’, a 90 day wellness overhaul designed and coached by Lu Crenshaw. I have completed it, Natalie is currently in the middle of it! Lu is starting a new ‘group’ in just 3 short weeks and we knew many of you would jump at the opportunity to join!

Read the info below, watch the promo video and sign up to take charge of your health!


 A 90 Day Wellness Overhaul 

The Genesis Project is aimed at restoring the mind, body, soul and spirit.
You will receive a weekly email Sunday evenings that will include:

-Three workouts per week (can be done at home or at a gym, limited equipment needed)
-Nutritional and fitness advice and resources
-One specific topic to focus on, write about, process through that is specific to our tendencies and behaviors.

Our next Genesis Project ‘Group’ will begin June 22, 2014.

What is The Genesis Project?

Check out The Genesis Project radio interview


Ready to change your life?! You can sign up now at  

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