by Bethany Reid

My friend John Mark Dyer wrote a book. Pretty amazing to have friends who just wake up in the morning and decide to write a book… and this is a  really GOOD book too!


 Check out this great video all about it!

John Mark wrote AND Illustrated this book himself! He shared with me that he wrote ‘Jeremy’s Quest to be the Best’ as a response to his personal experience of learning to find love, acceptance and worth in God. The message comes through loud and clear, but in a way every child can readily absorb. Carter and Riah LOVED it, and read it eagerly.

Jeremys Quest to be the Best!

My favorite part of this beautiful story is the ARTWORK! John Mark has hand drawn each page. The pictures just pull you in, the sort of images that you want to look at and study for a long while. These bright and imaginative pictures tell the story every bit as much as the words do!

Jeremys Quest to be the Best!

John Mark is publishing this book himself. We are all rallying around to help him raise a sum of money to both order his first batch of books in bulk ( making them affordable for all ) and also to have a budget for promotion etc. All proceeds from the sale of this book go towards putting  Bibles in the hands of those who have never heard the good news of Jesus! 

I encourage you to donate to the Kickstarter account for the production and distribution of ‘Jeremy’s Quest to be the Best’. 

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