Hosting Houseguests Part 2: The Checklist

Hosting Houseguests Part 2: The Checklist

by Natalie Bardwell.

As mentioned in my previous post, houseguests are a common occurrence at our house.  I have read a number of books, studied Martha Stewart and watched my own extended family members host well to have accumulated a handy little checklist for when I know guests are coming.  No matter if you are single and living in a one-bedroom apartment or you have a five bedroom house, if you intend to host anyone, this is an excellent reference to look over before anyone steps foot in your home.


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Hospitality Checklist: Supplies you should have on hand…

Necessities per person:

wifi info written on a card

2 clean towels

2 clean pillows

2 clean blankets

toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, new toothbrush, toilet paper, etc.)

bottled water for their bedside

plenty of food/snacks and drinks your guests would like


Optional but highly encouraged:

something thoughtful (like a bouquet of flowers) or a welcome basket with goodies

information about the city you live in (e.g. a local magazine)

some good reads like a few current magazines or some great books

instructions for things like how to run the thermostat or a DVD player…etc.


The goal of hospitality is to make your guests feel like they are in their own home, even though they are not. They should not have to ask for much because you have already covered the majority of their needs.  If they feel covered, you won’t have to explain and reexplain anything and they won’t feel like they are constantly bothering you.

What are some things on your checklist?

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