The Importance of Thanking Others

The Importance of Thanking Others


It is such a small action that can produce an exponential result. Haven’t we all had that moment? The one where, after days, weeks or even years of our work going unnoticed, someone speaks up. Perhaps it’s recognition at a staff meeting, a thank you card in the mail or even a personal verbalized thank you. Our day is changed. Our step is lighter; we walk a little taller. Our confidence is boosted.   Our parents always taught us to say thank you to others.   What if we took it a step further this month to look around us and ask not only ourselves, but Jesus, “who can I thank today? Who can I recognize for their hard work?” There is always someone.


Spouses benefit plentifully in their marriage when they recognize each other’s sacrifices. It can be so easy to overlook each other or think one of us is working harder than the other. Children, we ALL need to say a big thank you to our parents for their selfless, no-strings-attached-love. If anyone deserves a big thank you today, it’s our parents!

But what about the janitor at your office, or your personal assistant. What about your teacher, your housemate, the bus driver on your commute. Is there someone in the shadows who could use a thank you card? Perhaps even a small token of your appreciation.  Maybe a neighbor across the street or your pastor who hears more problems then solutions could use a big thank you.

Let’s take some time today to thank someone. Let’s even go above-and-beyond the verbal and pray about a radical way to thank someone. And let’s not forget, that it’s better to give then to receive, so your step will be lighter too.

XXOO Natalie

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