Interview Wednesday: Tiffany Brooks, Co-Owner of Brave&Wild, Children's Wear With Attitude!

Interview Wednesday: Tiffany Brooks, Co-Owner of Brave&Wild, Children’s Wear With Attitude!

Tiffany Brooks and I met almost 10 years ago, while we were both dating the men we later married. Tiff is one of the ladies in my circle that I really look up to. She’s a mamma to three little ones and really truly lives out each day in grace and gratitude. We’ve been near neighbors in both Hawaii and South Africa! ALSO – Tiffany is one of the ladies that just exudes that effortless cool factor that one cannot conjure. She has that innate style thing that some are born with. When she and Sarah launched their children’s wear line last year I just knew it would be beautiful.

CommunityEats interviews Tiffany about their Hawaii-based clothing line for children, Brave&Wild. Want to deck your littles in these fabulous clothes? go to

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Pictured below: Tiffany with her husband and their three little loves.


Pictured below: Sarah with her Husband and sweet little man


CE: We are loving your brand Brave&Wild. Tell us all about it!

Tiffany: My best friend Sarah and I have always been obsessed with fashion. We’ve talked about starting a line together ever since we were young. Now we are both busy mamas but we both still enjoy expressing ourselves through clothes and jewelry. We both agreed that cute kids clothes are hard to come by these days. We wanted to create a cool kids line that really honored the true nature and character of children everywhere. Our hope in creating this line was also to encourage a lifestyle where kids are being recognized as powerful and are being celebrated. We wanted to create a line that offered cute kids clothes but also had a powerful message behind it.


CE: You are such an example of helping your kiddos engage in loving the world around them. Can you share one example of how you do this ?

Tiffany: I’m always asking them questions and encouraging them to think outside of themselves and to notice what is going on in the world around them. As we all know, children are always watching us and listening to us, even when we think they aren’t! So I always try my best to be a model of what loving others looks like, which then sets the standard within my home. We have a motto in our house: “When we get a toy, we give a toy.” Whenever one of my kids receives a new toy they have to pick another toy to give away. They can pick whichever toy they want and give it away to whomever they want.

CE: As a busy mamma of 3, what motivated you to step out as an entrepreneur?

Tiffany: The “Brave and Wild” message has been burning within my heart for some time now. Early on, I processed my vision with Sarah and together we brought it to life. Starting a children’s line seemed appropriate for us right now because we’re both in the glorious trenches of motherhood. There’s no way I could have sustained Brave and Wild by myself. Sarah and I have completely different strengths and we both rely on each other to keep Brave and Wild thriving!


CE: Balance is so key…How do you balance family and a business ?

Tiffany: I’m always trying to be more balanced! Finding balance with three young children almost seems impossible some days. My family is always trying to blur the lines between work, faith, family and life. For us it’s about making it all one in the same. We place a high value on not compartmentalizing life, but seeing it is a big puzzle that fits together and where everyone’s voice, heart and opinion is valued and honored. It’s not easy but finding congruence in what we do and who we are is a big theme for us. Honestly, Brave and Wild hardly feels like work. My best friend and I get to create epic clothes and hopefully inspire others to change the world- I’m living out my dream!

CE: While we are on the subject of balance, tell us a little about how you recharge in the midst of all you do!

Tiffany: Sarah and I both wear many different hats: we work, we are wives, we are mothers and we are both involved in different ministries so recharging is so crucial for us! We are introverts and athletes. Recharging for us looks like pumping some iron or pouring out our hearts to each other over coffee.


Tiffany and Sarah – best of friends!

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