Interview Wednesday: Rachele Johnson, Event Planner Extraordinaire

Interview Wednesday: Rachele Johnson, Event Planner Extraordinaire

imageToday I take great delight in introducing my lovely friend Rachele Johnson.  Beth and I have both known Rachele since she did her YWAM DTS in Kona, about 5 years ago.  She has lived with my family for a few years since and has recently moved to Virginia to study and work as an event planner.  Only 23, she is a petite, extroverted young woman who lights up a room with her joy and exuberance.  She embodies the word party; not in the trashy drinking binge way, but in the classy elegance of a true socialite.    She is a woman of many talents and I hope you enjoy learning more about her…


You grew up in a very Italian family, what did you learn about gatherings through your relatives?
Growing up in an Italian home taught me the power of a good meal, relationships and the true meaning of an “open door”. We ate dinner almost every night together as a family including my aunt, uncle and grandpa. My mother would do all of the cooking and be the host. My grandpa would bring the salad, a loaf of bread and a bottle of Pepsi down for every meal and my uncle would always “swing” by after work- claim he couldn’t stay but would always end up staying until the coffee and ice cream was gone. Our door was literally always open for anyone to come share a meal with us. As a little girl I loved siting at the table during coffee and desert time because that’s when the family would really get into conversation and I knew there was something so special about that time. My family taught me that having an open door for anyone to come into your home and share a meal was the one of the most valuable and sweet things that you can do for yourself and others.

You have also lived in community most of your adult life, what has that taught you?
Living in community for most of my adult life has taught me the importance of being honest with one another about living situations and personal space! I learned that its okay to set boundaries with space,time and items but to be sure its done out of love and not a place of frustration.

You are currently studying event planning and hospitality in college; why did you choose this major?
I choose hospitality as my major because it made the most sense! I could of never seen myself working in any other field. Since hospitality comes so naturally to me my classes are really interesting and I am learning things I would of never known about running a hospitality establishment or business.image

You have the most fantastic dream job. What do you do? What do you enjoy about it?

I work for two amazing gals who own a business called SweetRoot Village. We are triple punch in the event planning world because we do floral design, photography and day-of wedding coordinating. As for what I actually do at work… it just depends on the day!

I go by the title of a “Designer” meaning that I make floral pieces, any DIY project for a wedding including crazy things like chandeliers, millions knots that look like hearts and more garlands than anyone has ever seen. Besides designing I do I little of everything from setting up flowers on site at weddings, attempt to keep the studio clean and our blog submissions.

It really just depends on the day!

What I enjoy the most about my job is that I get to work with Lauren and Rachel. (The owners of SweetRoot Village) They are serious gems of friends and not to mention my bosses. It’s no joke when we say we spend most of our time together because we really do! I value them so much!

What is your go-to working gal snack when you’re busy working?

Pepperoni and cheese – no joke! I love it because its easy to take on the go, its bite size and it always feel like the right amount of food. It’s also helpful that its so good that there is never any left over for me to worry about it spoiling.

imageHow do you practice hospitality at home? How has your hospitality impacted others?
My first attempt at hospitality at home is to practice on my housemates (I can totally fail in this area. oops!) I’ll practice by making enough food for two or simply asking how their day was. Hospitality is more than just setting out food for people but it is being thoughtful and caring about the person in front of you. I personally feel the most hospitality from someone when they simply ask about my day or month. After all people wont remember what you’ve done but they’ll remember how you made them feel and hospitality is all about caring for someone.image

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  1. Rachel July 16, 2014 at 8:25 pm #

    We love this lady!! What a wonderful guest post and a beautiful blog!!

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