MasiMeals begins!

MasiMeals begins!

A huge aspect of CommunityEats is taking nutrition education and the value of the family dinner table to Masiphumelele and Oceanview ( the townships we work in here in S.A.).

This Month we have been able to actively begin making this vision a reality! Daniel and Amy Kleger are here with us for 6 weeks and have the unique gifting and ability to do this! Here’s a picture of them, aren’t they cute:

They have spent the past week checking out the cupboards of Masi’s kitchens, and discovering WHAT our African friends love to cook. From here we are working to develop more nutritious variations of traditional favorites. Using our Jesus House’s kitchen as a training centre, we are on a fun adventure bringing healthy meals to African Homes!

Below is a link to their post on Leanardo’s African Pork and Beans. Please check it out!

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