Rethinking your morning habits

Rethinking your morning habits



(Photo credit goes to Jake Mason. Here he is with his wife Kathy. This awesome couple does mornings well… relaxed, happy, and filled with joy.)

For many of us mornings are a busy, groggy, stress-filled race to the carpool lane and/or office. My my… those mornings! I’ve been working for years on our morning routine so that my family and I start our day well. Below are three of the morning rituals I’ve worked in to help me start off our mornings happy.

1. Start the day on your own terms. Set your alarm and get up with plenty of time to prepare for the day- that ‘I’m late’ scramble out the door is never fun for anyone! I love to get up just 10 mins before the rest of my household, giving me time to read a few verses in my bible and enjoy that first sip of coffee (why is the first one always SO good?!) in peace. You will love our new ‘Clean Creamer’ in your morning coffee.

2. Have easy  and nutritious breakfast options available. This helps us all get through our busy mornings without the after coffee shakes or growling tummies. My latest summer obsession are these Gluten-Free Berry Muffins.

3. Take time for gratitude. We try to have a few moments together as a household before we all head off to our day’s work. Try naming one thing you are looking forward to in your day and one thing you are thankful for. This habit of practicing gratitude releases endorphins which actually (scientifically) boost your mood, making you ready to engage better at the office, and your kids ready to ace their history quizzes.

What are the morning habits that work for you? Please comment below or share on our Facebook page!

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One Response to Rethinking your morning habits

  1. Tessa Gillespie June 16, 2014 at 11:26 pm #

    My morning routines….(some of them at least)

    Water is first for me. I found coffee first on an empty stomach to be a bad practice. Who hasn’t heard of lemon juice in warm water first thing? At the moment I’m trying to immediately drink two full glasses of water 45min before I eat or drink anything else. I read an article on this practice on Facebook and it intrigued me.

    After I down my water, it’s back to bed where I read my Bible (I use R.M. M’Cheyne’s Bible reading plan) and try to journal a few lines. Connecting with Jesus is my aim, not just crossing off my chapters.

    A good breakfast is also a must for me. I always decide the night before what we will be having so I can put oats on to soak for porridge, pancakes, or I make up a baked oatmeal recipe to be ready to pop in the oven in the morning. Often it’s scrambled eggs and sprouted grain bread….And at least every other day, a kefir smoothie. Homemade kefir, frozen bananas, berries, and coconut milk….wonderful for the digestive and immune systems!

    And of course, coffee! I limit myself to one (and a half top up!) cup WITH breakfast. I relish it!

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