Baked Spaghetti Squash

Baked Spaghetti Squash

Since we aim to eat as Paleo as possible, I’m often looking for easy replacements for both traditional and gluten-free pasta. This simple vegetable bakes up in 30 mins, and once cooked shreds simply into beautiful spaghetti-like strands. It’s magical.

While satisfying on it’s own, baked spaghetti squash works great with all the traditional ‘pasta’ sauces. Below I have suggested that you add butter and a little Parmesan  Cheese, one of my favorite ways to eat it. Although it looks delicate,  this squash is very resilient and sauces stick to each bright yellow strand, easily carrying whatever flavors you choose to add. The mild flavor makes it a natural stand-in for pasta – you may never go back to ‘real’ pasta!

Take a look at these step-by-step photos: 

You can buy spaghetti squash in most grocery stores. They are most prevalent in the fall and winter, but I’m still finding them at the farmer’s markets, Safeway, and a few gourmet grocery stores.



Cut the squash in half, and then cook CUT side down  on a lined baking sheet for 30 mins at 375 degrees.

This photo below is what they look like when they are fully cooked. I flipped this one over so you can get a good look at the cooked spaghetti squash.




Using a spoon, scoop out the seeds and discard. Then, run your spoon along the edge of the squash right next to the skin – confidently separating the flesh of the squash from the skin. Transfer the spaghetti squash flesh into your serving dish and use a fork to gently ‘fluff’ it up. As you fluff, the strands will separate and the squash suddenly becomes shockingly spaghetti-like!


Ta-daaaa!!! This is what cooked and scooped spaghetti squash  looks like !


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