Best Ever Veggie Burgers - Husband Approved!

Best Ever Veggie Burgers – Husband Approved!

I have an extremely active husband. Jeff Reid burns upwards of 2,000 calories per day… that puts him at needing to eat around 4,000 just to maintain  stable weight and fuel the massive amount of exercise he does! So, if I’m going to serve veggie anything for dinner… it better be good!

We’ve been making these veggie burgers for like 6 years. I have used a food processor to help with the grating and blending… but I’ve also used regular blenders and even my hands to mash up those chickpeas! So, whatever your kitchen equipment – find a good friend and share your heart as you make these amazing burgers! Use organic everything if you can!

The night I made these my brother Liam and sis in-law Rachel  popped over… so they shared dinner with us! They are currently serving in a Township in South Africa, doing radical things that are changing lives. check out their blog at


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