Brussels Sprouts and Sausage

Brussels Sprouts and Sausage

We want to take a moment to introduce Emily Lewis and Jamie Corder! Emily  and Jamie work with ‘ ONELOVE U.S. ‘, a Christian Ministry based  in Huntington Beach. They work closely with Natalie, and you’ll be hearing from them increasingly on CommunityEats!  Emily has a marketing background and loves exploring, making new friends, and all things water. Jamie loves to travel, hike, and curl up with the latest copy of Kinfolk magazine!

Fresh Brussels Sprout Bowls

  ~ recipe and photos by Emily Lewis and Jamie Corder.


jamie and emily

We live in a community where we’re on the go a lot but we still love to stay healthy and eat well. Here is one solution we came up with, that is a frequent meal in our house! Feel free to add other veggies or nuts to this mix. Some of our other favorite ingredients are: almonds, squash, craisins, feta cheese and tomatoes among others. Hope you enjoy!IMG_4872

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