Cheat Day Banoffee Pie

Cheat Day Banoffee Pie

We have added a new section to the blog.

We have titled it CHEAT DAY.

What ?! Cheating?!!!! In living a whole foods and even a Paleo and clean eating lifestyle its really important to keep some flexibility in your eating and drinking. Most people choosing the ‘clean eating’ lifestyle and nearly all Athletes will tell you that you should eat clean and strict 80% of the time and allow  a small margin in your diet for ‘cheat’ (sometimes called ‘recovery’) foods. Giving yourself permission to eat a donut with your kids on a Saturday morning, or to have pizza and a beer with friends on a ski trip etc can actually aid in your over-all well being and help to keep your attitude and thoughts towards food healthy.

I personally find that if I allow myself to eat the amazing cake a party etc every so often, then I’m less likely to binge. I know I’ll start my morning the next day with a green smoothie and a good workout… and I get to enjoy the experience of exotic and good foods with friends once in a while.

With this idea in mind we will be bringing you some of our favorite cheat day foods!

NOTE: Those with true celiac or autoimmune issues etc will not be able to have a cheat day that includes gluten or sugar etc. There are many MANY blogs out there filled with decadent recipes that will hit your indulge button without rendering you in bed the next day. 

Onto the Recipe for today…


Banoffee Pie is one of those Cheat Day desserts. It’s filled with gluten, sugar and dairy, and will knock your socks off every time you eat it! I usually make it for our Holiday Gatherings and it has never received one bad review. This pie gets it name from the combination of ingredients : Banana’s and Toffee. The flavors work together in a beautiful way to create a pie unlike any you have tried before! trust me! 

If you are from England or any of the Commonwealth Nations you will already know this recipe and probably can make it in your sleep. Most Americans have never heard of it… I’m letting the secret of Britain’s best dessert recipe out of the bag!

I find this is best made a day in advance, it’s just better the second day!Either way, you must allow this to sit in the fridge for at least 1 hr before serving… this will ensure the butter has time to harden and create a firm crust!




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