Coconut Milk Whipped Cream

Making whipped cream out of Coconut Milk seemed daunting to me at first and I have had quite a few failed attempts. BUT – there are a few simple rules to follow, and when obeyed, they produce glorious Whipped Cream every single time! 

I actually prefer the taste of this whipped cream over the traditional cow-milk one. It’s lighter, holds its shape well, and is beautifully pure white. SO PRETTY! 

Some Notes: 

Be sure to use full fat Coconut MILK ( not cream).

It must chill in the refridgerator  for a minimum of 24 hours – believe me, I’ve tried to rush it in the freezer etc… theres no cheating on this part.

Keep the cans upright and don’t shake them during the chilling process or after. The reason you are chilling them is so the milk solids come to the top, leaving the coconut water in the bottom of the can.

Chill your mixer beaters, the colder everything is the better.

It goes like this: 


All you need is some nice, organic coconut milk and something to whip it with.



It looks like this when you first open the can… see, nice and thick already!


carefully spoon out the coconut milk solids from the top part of the can…




When you see the coconut water starting to show, stop scooping. Save that for smoothies and other glorious endeavors.


Whip it with an electric hand mixer or whatever contraption you like you whip your other kinds of cream with, until stiff peaks form.


then spoon it into a pretty bowl and eat it with total joy! I love it on: coffee, pumpkin pie, apple crisp, waffles, mashed butternut squash… basically anything.



Another good idea is to go outside and rake up some leaves so you get nice and cold… then come in and put some on Dairy- Free Hot Chocolate… (I should put a recipe up for that!)


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