The Coffee Your Body WANTS to drink... 'BulletProof Coffee'

The Coffee Your Body WANTS to drink… ‘BulletProof Coffee’

I was first introduced to this mind blowing-ly good coffee by my friend Dr Gary Arthur, a Chiropractor from Laguna Beach, CA. Dr Gary told me he was going to make this ‘BulletProof’ coffee for me in the morning, with Butter and Coconut Oil in it… and I was definitely skeptical. I knew this man has excellent taste buds however, and an extensive knowledge of all things nutrition …so I tried the coffee anyway. And my mouth exploded with flavor. 

To me, BulletProof coffee tastes the way I always dreamt coffee would taste. What is it? Filter coffee blended with grassed butter and Upgraded MTC oil ( or very high quality Coconut Oil). The effect as creamy coffee that doesn’t leave with you a brain fog or the shakes. It actually gives you ENERGY for your morning and keeps you going until lunch. Jeff and I like to have a cup of this in the morning, and I almost never feel that I need another cup of coffee.

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The Bullet Proof coffee concept is based on two basic principles:

1. High Quality Coffee -it’s filled with powerful antioxidants and is actually very beneficial for brain function ( for real!). So buy the highest quality organic coffee you can afford. To read more about coffee quality and the debilitating side effects of moulded beans check out what the Bulletproof creator himself has to say.

2. Unsalted Grassfed Butter – unlike sweet cream butter or margarine, the butter produced from cows fed on green grass has high levels of Vitamins A and K and omega 6. To read more about grassfed butter, check out what marksdailyapple has to say.

I highly recommend you go to BulletProofexec ( creators of this coffee)  and read up about the amazing health benefits of drinking your coffee this way!

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