Fool-Proof Roast Chicken

Fool-Proof Roast Chicken

Roast chicken has become a staple in our home. Some times for Sunday Lunch, and others for a easy dinner after the gym. It’s easy because you can put it in the oven for two hours and leave it! Amazing.

Please excuse the rather gruesome looking raw meat in this photo.. just wanted you to see how to compile it all before roasting.


Stuffing the center of the chicken with herbs, lemon and onion is essential for  moist and flavorful meat.

Don’t forget to give it a good drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of sea salt. chix1


little Carter loves the crispy skin on this chicken!


the juices from the chicken give the carrots below a rich flavor. chix3
since this chicken is cooked right with the carrots, all you need is a lovely fresh salad and dinner is ready! 

Obviously it’s best to use all organic produce and meat… but we all have to do whatever your pocketbook allows for that week! The Garlic cloves are key here, roasting them with the skin on turns the cloves into creamy flavor explosions! Nip off the end of a clove with you nail and squeeze the cooked garlic onto your chicken. SO yum.

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