Green Smoothie Cheat Sheet + Kale & Ginger Smoothie Recipe

Green Smoothie Cheat Sheet + Kale & Ginger Smoothie Recipe

Just in case you are needing some inspiration for all things green… here’s the most wonderful image of green things I have ever seen!

Become inspired to boost your day with the power of Greens!

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Back to school season is looming…. the end of summer is near… it’s time to get intentional on taking care of ourselves! If you haven’t already read Melody’s article on self care, check it out! Here’s the link. 

I wanted to share a recipe for Green smoothies, because when I’m drinking one a day I feel markedly better. And I know you will too.  The iron and chlorophyll from the leaves just gets me through the day like no amount of coffee can! As you see in the picture below, I pour mine into a mason jar and screw on those cool lids with a straw hole. Perfect for those school drop off mornings that lead into a full day of work right after!

I found this guide for making green smoothies on Pintrest, and I loved how it breaks down making a ‘superfood’ smoothie into a simple step by step process.

Behold, the Green Smoothie Cheat Sheet.

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Using this formula, I created a vegan green smoothie that I think you’ll love. 

– this is a photo I actually took… I did not swipe it from Pintrest!


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