Holiday Zucchini Bread with fresh Cranberries. ( Gluten Free)

Holiday Zucchini Bread with fresh Cranberries. ( Gluten Free)

by bethany reid

Welcome to the Holidays! I have family coming into town for Thanksgiving, new decorations in the making… and a BIG Christmas surprise planned for the kiddos. There’s so much to look forward to, not the least of which are the beautiful Holiday ingredients we all get to use. I love using all the oranges and browns of Fall… but tonight I’m really excited for some red and white in our photos, decorations and food

I just couldn’t wait any longer… I had to use some cranberries.

I love adding them to Zucchini Bread, it gives it lovely Holiday twist for not more effort.

This recipe is made with Coconut Sugar and a blend of Rice and Almond Flours. Coconut Sugar does not give you that nasty sugar spike that brown or white sugar will, but bakes in a similar way to brown sugar. For Gluten-Free cakes and breads I think the combo of white rice and blanched almond flours is truly superior. In addition to making a moist and fluffy loaf that rises nicely, you get a protein boost from the almonds! I buy my almond flour at Costco or here.


I will serve this alongside scrambled eggs, or perhaps our Easy Baked Frittata. I love adding Homemade Cranberry Sauce to a slice of this too!

Note: For a ‘semi-clean’ version of this quick bread you can sub in Raw Washed Sugar and white Spelt flour. Omit the Xanthan Gum in this variation.


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