Jane West's Thai Curry

Jane West’s Thai Curry

inspired by Jane West, written by Bethany Reid

I’m a huge fan of Thai Curry. Made with coconut milk and lots of fresh ingredients curries from Thailand are satisfying and super healthy! The art of making them eluded me until last year, when my friend Jane had us for dinner and served her MIND BLOWING-ly good Thai Curry. Jane is a remarkably good cook… a foundation of our friendship has been talking about what we cook!!

We came home dreaming of it, got the recipe weeks later and now make it several times per month. Jeff encourages me to make it on nights we aren’t having guests over so there will be leftovers the next day!

This recipe can be made with either green or red curry paste. I prefer red, Jeff prefers green… so I keep a jar of both curry pastes in the fridge and trade off. Likewise the Kobucha squash can be traded out for butternut or sweet potato and the veggies switched up according to convenience and taste. Eggplant is super yummy in here, as are bell peppers and zucchini. Find your own expression but do not skip the kefir lime leaves and lemongrass- they really do add incredible flavor!

NOTE: living in Hawaii we have an abundance of Asian style ingredients readily available to us. If you cannot find these at your local grocery store, check out an Asian market, or buy them online from amazon.com.

  The best part here is that this is ready in under an hour. Yes, that’s true.



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