Lovely Summer Pasta

Lovely Summer Pasta

In the summer I just don’t know WHAT I want! Sometimes I’m all about cooking a glorious dinner, and other times I want to go on strike from the kitchen.


This lovely summer pasta is the best of both worlds.

Ready in about 10 minutes… I know you will love it. I imagine we own a vineyard in Italy and this is what I’m making for the family after a long day working the fields. The sun is setting… it’s warm… there’s red wine… ah, this IS a little taste of Italy!

When making it for my family I use brown rice or quinoa pasta (available at most health-food stores, Safeway, WholeFoods and many other grocery stores). Another way that I LOVE to eat this is to substitute spaghetti squash for the pasta, keeping all the ‘sauce’ ingredients the same. THAT’s my favorite way to eat this dish!


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