Mac&Cheese (that's not from the box)

Mac&Cheese (that’s not from the box)

by Bethany Reid

If you are from the southern states of the USA, then you can probably already make top notch Mac&Cheese.

If you were born and raised anywhere else, then you may need a recipe!

Mac&Cheese has a pretty bad reputation… since it’s traditionally filled with processed white flour, several varieties of cheese, and milk. This poses quite a problem when comfort food season rolls around. Several years ago I set out to find a way to make Macaroni and Cheese that our family could enjoy without tummy aches the next day.

This recipe uses gluten-free quinoa pasta and un-pasturised, raw cream and cheese.  My 8 yr old Carter is sensitive to dairy, but I try to stick with raw dairy productions in our home anyway because of its utterly superior health benefits. Did you know that RAW milk contains a naturally occurring enzyme that actually helps you process the lactose in milk that so many of us are sensitive to?  We still eat minimal dairy, but when we do I try my best to keep it organic and raw. You can access raw dairy products at most farmer’s markets and many grocery stores now. You can read more about the benefits of raw dairy products in this great article from Dr. Axe. 


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