Balsamic Marinated Artichokes

Balsamic Marinated Artichokes

Eating ‘seasonally’ has been proven to have amazing health benefits… plus it’s really enjoyable! With Spring in full swing here in California and Easter coming up this weekend… I’m all about eating SPRING. I love artichokes but I’m actually not very creative when it comes to cooking them. For this recipe I turned to my dear friend Breanne Rich.



( here she is with her husband Adam)

Breanne is an expert cook ( I have had actual dreams about her out of this world cakes), mommy to three kiddos, and wife to Adam the Firefighter. More than all of those things, Breanne really oozes love for people. We run ( ok… power walk) together a few times per week and she will stop mid sentence to say a cheery ‘good morning’ to EVERY SINGLE person we pass on our town’s busy trail.

There is a phrase circling among some of us right now ‘ BRAVE LOVE’… meaning to love beyond what is natural, to love the person who is not so easy to love, to love in the unique way the Lord has imprinted you to love… Breanne is BRAVE LOVE. And I’m so proud to call her my friend!

I know you will love this recipe, just as I did this morning when she taught me how to make it..



Recipe lovingly adapted from Emeril Lagasse and all Photos by Breanne Rich 

Just look at those beautiful artichokes… did you know they came in so many colors and sizes?!

IMG_4208 IMG_4219 IMG_4254 IMG_4264 IMG_4286





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