Mason Jar Glory Salad

Mason Jar Glory Salad

We spent 2 years living in Cape Town, South Africa. And while living there a whole new food-group developed. We called it Glory Salad. There are many MANY variations. A Glory Salad is the combination of whatever fresh fruit and vegetables you may have sitting around on our countertop. Don’t make to too complicated … simply chop it up and toss it in oil and balsamic vinegar!

One  Summer we began putting these glorious salads into Mason Jars and taking them with us on picnics, to the beach, to work… the trick is to keep the dressing on the bottom  of the jar and lettuce on top. Give it a shake right before you eat it.

The recipe below was developed  by my girls Kirsten Nelson and Hannah Seigrist. It was amazing to have them both live with me during our time in South Africa and  to create with them in our kitchen. Thank you once again Hannah for the pictures!


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