Melo's Homemade Tomato Sauce

Melo’s Homemade Tomato Sauce

I’ve been watching to share a recipe from my Melody Aho since  I started CommunityEats 3 years ago! She is one of the women in my life who just utterly leads the way in Bravely Loving everything in her path.  Being in her kitchen is one of my favorite places, she has a super-power of  churning out gourmet food for 25+ people before anyone knew she was cooking! She and her husband Jed have a beautiful family, which includes two adopted children. They are dear and trusted friends of ours, oh how we love you AHO’s! Jed and Melo are mobilizing people to live like Jesus, opening their home to a wide variety of people. To read more about their Fascinate Training Schools go to

 ~bethany xo



Melo’s Tomato Sauce:

There is nothing quite like using tomatoes fresh from your garden or market. By the end of the summer I feel like their juicy red flesh is literally  holding in all of the summer sunshine! I’ve been daunted by the thought of making my own marinara or tomato sauce… mostly worried that I’d can it wrong and it would all go bad.

Melo’s relaxed approach to cooking brings us a foolproof homemade tomato sauce that doesn’t involve peeling endless tomatoes or boiling glass jars. Simple chop your tomatoes and add them directly to the sauce pot. You can puree them if you are really into smooth sauce, but thats totally up to you.

Store these jars in the freezer  all winter, for a taste of summer at the drop of a hat!



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