Tessa Gillespie's Oatmeal Pancakes (gluten free)

Tessa Gillespie’s Oatmeal Pancakes (gluten free)

 by Bethany Reid

Everyone has a recipe that “is” their Mother.  These Oatmeal Pancakes are it for me!

I have 7 siblings, we grew up homeschooled and living in the English country-side. Our days started early with breakfast and devotionals around the table, where we ate these flavorful pancakes several times per week.  Made from just a few pantry ingredients, you start them the night before so they take just moments to prepare and serve in the morning.



…little hands can help…


… use a skillet on medium heat, these hearty pancakes take a slight bit longer to cook…


…they are so yummy with freshly cooked berries…

This recipe is EXACTLY what I will be making next week when my kids return to school.  Full of whole grains and protein, they are surely your child’s ticket to a great start at the school-year!

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