'Popeye's Bruiser' Purple Smoothie

‘Popeye’s Bruiser’ Purple Smoothie

Today we kick of a two week mini-series , ‘Transitioning Your Family to Eating REAL FOOD ‘. My friend Brittny Debonis came to mind immediately as I looked for healthy mama’s to contribute to this series, and I know you will LOVE her ideas and recipes! Brittny is a genuine and deeply kind woman who oozes creativity, and every time we see each other I come away with 5 new ideas that I want to create out of! She is a GIFTED photographer, and who she is totally comes through in her beautiful photos. While all the photo’s in the post are Britnny’s, more of the darling photo’s from the morning she made this smoothie are featured today in a new post on her blog 10baretoes.com. I about died looking at these – enjoy the cuteness! 

And now here’s the ever-beautiful Brittny: 
“As a mother of 3 kids under the age of 4, healthy eating has taken a backseat, but this smoothie is something I manage to whip out pretty often.
I LOVE the Popeye’s Bruiser!  It’s balanced with healthy fats, protein and LOTS of vitamins and antioxidants.
( photos taken as the layers  go in)

I don’t even have to sneak in the greens! In our house it’s proven more effective if I have each of the kiddos help me pack in the spinach! It’s their favorite ‘job’ and they put in way more than I would! I like to pretend it’s a nap and a workout in a glass– it gives me the boost I need to chase them around.”


Smoothies are ready!
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