Roasted Pumpkin Puree

Roasted Pumpkin Puree

by Bethany Reid

Pumpkin is typically a fall food, but I’m increasingly using it year round. For traditional foods like pumpkin pancakes or bread, as a substitute for applesauce, or as a yummy add in to greek yoghurt and granola.


Growing up in the UK, I have memories of the same issue each fall: There was no canned pumpkin to be found in stores, so my mom bought a pumpkin and attempted to skin, chop, then steam the pumpkin flesh. This of course made it very watery and difficult to work with. And THEN! We discovered that simply slicing  our pumpkins in half and then roasting them was MAGIC! Roasting gives those pumpkins a creamy and smooth consistency that is utterly superior to the canned variety we’ve all come to rely on. As an adult, I’ve spent many holiday seasons overseas and now savor the tradition of making my own puree.

And it’s so easy to make your own pumpkin purée when there’s a helper on hand! My 4-yr-old Riah loved making this with me, we ate almost a whole jar immediately! It was like a sweet soup… so good.

(this photo is from several years ago… living in South Africa with 2-year-old Riah)


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