Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

by bethany

Well, Fall’s officially here but we just moved our family back to Kona, Hawaii! Fall is my very favorite of all the seasons and no 100 degree weather is going to keep this lady from getting her Pumpkin Spice on! The combination of being 6 months pregnant with baby #4 (who just happens to be a girl!) and the constant sweatiness of the Aloha State has me searching for cool and refreshing ways to meet my Pumpkin cravings.

I read recently (embarrassingly, on Facebook) that the Vitamin A in Pumpkin carries amazing restorative properties for the skin. Sooooo perfect for helping us recoup from the sun exposure of summer! This pretty vegetable to good for more than just decorating your porch this fall, it’s a must for our beauty rituals.


(photo via tumblr)

Today I created this creamy smoothie with my Sister-in-Law Jenni… post workout for her and post one LONG morning of appointments for me. After taste testing a few batches, we feel this is the winning recipe! We loved the combination of using both almond milk (make your own with this recipe)  and coconut milk, it made for a creamy constancy that wasn’t too heavy. Adding in your own homemade pumpkin puree will really  bump up the flavor in this recipe, find our simple recipe here.



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