Salmon with Cilantro and Orange

As you may have noticed by now… my favorite recipes are almost always inspired by a friend! This baked salmon  was discovered by Hannah Siegrist one hot Southern Hemisphere Christmas in South Africa. Hannah is a dear friend, deeply creative and supremely talented in the kitchen. She’s also an international (I’m not kidding) photographer; you MUST look at her beautiful pictures!  I still think Hannah has a secret touch for this recipe because it’s always better when she makes it… but here is my version of the recipe as I best remember it.

Here’s is the lovely Hannah – so beautiful and free!


I whipped up a serving of this at a friend’s house last week, and it was eaten fast. The fresh orange with the richness of the butter and wine is a beautiful flavor combination that entices even the most timid fish-eater.

note: I think we first got the inspiration for this recipe from Martha Stewart. But I’ve searched and searched for that original recipe online and cannot find it. The recipe posted here is from my memory of what Hannah created and I’ve since been cooking! Just wanted to give credit where it’s due!



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