Scandinavian Inspired Tartine

Scandinavian Inspired Tartine

posted by Beth

I just returned from Finland, where I had the immense joy of teaching at a Brave:Love womens’ gathering with my sister-in-law Jenni Gillespie. We gathered with 30 ladies, sharing from our hearts and the Bible about what Active Love could look like for them. What georgous, tender-hearted and genuine women we got to be with!


For more information on the Brave:Love movement and info on our next gathering you can click here.

But onto the food…

This recipe is inspired by the simple and earthy food I ate whilst in Finland. A staple seemed to be rye bread with thinly sliced meats, cheese, and perhaps an addition of jam. You find salmon everywhere, and did you know they eat reindeer!? So fun.


Their rye bread is soft and chewy… unlike what most of us will find in our grocery stores! So just choose the bread that looks good to you and slice it nice and thin. I’ll use the Against all Grain ‘Cashew Bread’.

While the word ‘tartine’ is French, these flavors are 100% Scandinavian. Berries and salmon compliment each other beautifully here.

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