Zucchini Fries

Once again, I pull my recipe inspiration from a friend. Breanne Rich knows how to make food look and taste pretty so I asked her for some creative new ways to get everyone excited about eating veggies. She talked me through this recipe one morning as she was frosting cupcakes (I think that’s what she was doing…?!) and it was so simple I was able to remember and re-create it without messing it up too much! So, Bre gets full credit for creating this recipe- wahoo!

To me, this is a GREAT college or working girl dinner. Actually, I made these Zucchini Fries for just me last week and ate while I watched TV at night…THAT was a fun dinner! These fries are ready really fast. You could pop them in the oven then take a shower while they cook! Well, that’s what I would do anyway…


See, not many ingredients at all…


I LOVE this brand of gluten-free Panko. I found it at Whole Foods. I love it because it’s already seasoned with yummy italian flavors, which makes this recipe REALLY easy. There are many varieties of gluten-free Panko available, both seasoned and non. Please yourself…

Also, this Oil Misto  is magic! You can get it on Amazon.com .


You can see that I gave up using the tidy dipping bowls, dumped my Panko mixture on the cutting board and worked from there.

Below is a picture of what these zucchini fries look like before they go in the oven.



And look at how pretty they are when they come out!




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