Zucchini Fritters-guest post from Rachel Logan.

Zucchini Fritters-guest post from Rachel Logan.

There have been several turning point moments in my life, when the Lord has brought women to challenge and encourage – calling me into more with Jesus. Rachel Logan is one of those such women. We shared a room with 3 other girls back in 2002 in Switzerland,  and oh the stories we could tell! Rachel is a true ‘foodie’ in my opinion. She has a knack for finding the food that is both beautiful and delicious, and then capturing that moment in a photograph.

With the return to school just a few weeks away for our little ones,  this month we will be bringing you some fresh recipes suitable for those lunch boxes. Rachel really kicked off the ‘Lunchbox Series’ with style! It’s SUCH A JOY to feature her on CommunityEats today, and I’m dying to get in the kitchen and try out this mouth watering recipe!


Be on the lookout for Rachel’s  new blog ‘Supper at Six’, but in the mean time you can follow her on Instagram .

    ~ Bethany xo


Zucchini and Kale Fritters with feta


Before I had a child I thought about food a lot. You could nearly always find me with a copy of Bon Appetit in my hand and if that wasn’t the case, you could look at whatever restaurant just made the San Francisco Chronicles’ top 100 list, I would probably be sitting at a table near a window with my iphone posed carefully over my dish, ready to post to instagram as soon as I found the right filter. I would spend my weekends climbing epic culinary mountains, taking eager family and friends along with me on the journey. I was living it up. These were the last years of my twenties and with their passing came what we hoped would be a new wave of responsibilities and a whole new way of life.


Now we have a wonderfully silly, energetic toddler. The days of last minute dinners and quiet moments with a colorful Bon Appetit have passed but we still think about food, maybe even more so now that our food choices are shaping a little boy’s life. Our meals are sometimes hectic and more often than not, happen somewhere other than our table. Lunch in particular has become something we eat under a tree or with a friend in their living room. I have had to change the way I think about meals in more ways than just the mere substance but about completeness, balance, portability and if a toddler will happily share it with me. It’s an exciting challenge and one that I believe is making me a better cook, which is something I did not anticipate coming out of this journey of motherhood.

_-2Because our son is still small, I like to make his snacks fit his stature. He has little hands and so I try to accommodate when I’m making something meant to be handheld. One of our favorite mini snacks are fritters. They tend to take on whatever personality is present in our fridge at the moment. Left over vegetables, cooked grains or seeds and some variety of cheese usually make the cut. Fritters are easily adaptable to what you have on hand and can be made with virtually no planning. For those of us who wait to do this sort of thing until nap time, you’ll be happy to hear they cook up pretty quickly too. You may even be able to get to that new Bon Appetit while sipping a cup of (re-heated) coffee.


For a full lunch on the go, I pack these fritters with a tin of fresh fruit and usually some cheese because my kid can not get enough of it. Make sure to pack enough fritters for everyone, they are certainly thoroughly enjoyed by adults, too.

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