Running For Beginners

Running For Beginners

If you have been wanting to work out, and you don’t know where to start, running is a great way to begin!  It is free, simple and builds endurance in your body.  It’s a great way to explore your neighborhood, get fit and even lose weight.  Today, my friend Corey Martin, who is a personal trainer, gives us some tips on how to run and how to keep the pace, pun intended.  😉  Cheers to getting fit! 

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(photo credit: Carrie Martin)

“Warm up: this should not be traditional stretching. Do a simple range of motion such as air squats and a few push ups to pump some blood to those cold muscles.

Duration: if you’re just beginning, set a goal to run for 20 min without stopping. If you know you can go longer, choose 30 to 45 min. You will obviously need a watch to time yourself 🙂

Course: find a close enough loop around your house and count how many times you run it in the 20 min time span.

You can measure your distance the old school way by driving the route or going to a website that can measure distance, such as, map my run.

It’s important to find out how far you run so you can begin to set mileage goals. But the first goal is running for 20 min without stopping.

When you begin your run, do not start out too fast. Wait for your “second wind”, this normally occurs 5 to 10 min into your run as blood flows to your working muscles and your breathing pattern dials in with your stride. You can always pick up the pace near the end of your duration if you are feeling great!

Pace: Your pace should allow you the ability to converse with a running partner. If you are too winded to squeeze out a sentence, then you are most likely going to fast.

Stride: You should not be overly bouncing as you run and make sure you’re not over extending your stride. Try your best not to strike your heel on the ground first. A flat footed strike or striking on the balls of your feet is best for your knees and hips. Think of how you would run barefoot on a hard surface. Your arms should be swinging fluidly and your hands relaxed, not clenched into fists.

Cool-down: When you’ve finished your run, cool-down by walking for 5 minutes, and then complete some stretching.

Running every other day should be your goal.

If you have weight loss goals, keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat so try taking weekly photos and measurements of your waist, thighs, and upper arms to measure your progress. Some people experience immediate weight loss and others experience weight gains because of added muscle mass. This all depends on your genetics. So having other ways to measure your progress besides stepping on the scale is a must!

Stay persistent and consistent! Having accountability with running partners is an amazing way to stay motivated!

Have fun!”

Here is a GREAT link I found on Pinterest that has so much good info on running!  You should check it out!


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