simples steps to maximize discipleship around YOUR table!

simples steps to maximize discipleship around YOUR table!

Guys! I wanted to share this video with you! Simple steps for how to maximize the discipleship at your table! My friend Shannon truly lives out this message she is sharing. I love how the video captures moments around her table, kiddos playing as she shares with young women. 

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“Community transformation is simple. Simpler than you think.

Maybe you have experienced a need in your community that overwhelms you. You look around you and the need paralyzes you.

You ask, “Where can I even start? Where do I give my life energy?”

Shannon Casteel, an amazing mom with  five kiddos in our Fire and Fragrance community is here to give you a few simple steps.



Here are the cliffsnotes versions of the video.

  1. Ask God for the few individuals God want’s you to pour into in this season.
    1. “Lord, who have you called me to?”
  2. Invite them over for a meal.
    1. Pick an easy time you can connect with those people.
    2. If you are a mom and have kids think Saturday morning while your kids are watching cartoons.
  3. Make food. Coffee, tea, pray and connect.

Okay . . . this is the biggest DUH moment is history right? Well of course you are going to pick a time where you are free and of course you are going to have food.

So why is Shannon sharing this?

Glad you asked . . .

We, as humans, make life more complex and difficult than it is. Community transformation starts with gathering in community with intentionality.

Transformation is a byproduct of creating healthy sustainable rhythms in your life with the Lord and in community.

And HUMILITY and SELF AWARENESS is required to open up and gather people in community, or join someone else’s community.

To grow in Christ you must be connect to the body. You must surround yourself with people of like hearts and like minds.

Community is easier than you think. Open up your dinner table and create intentional conversation about Jesus.

written by John Mark Dyer. shared with permission. to read more about transformational life with Jesus check out Fire&Fragrance.

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