So, are you Paleo?

So, are you Paleo?

So, are you Paleo? Thats a question we get asked a lot.  The answer is yes, mostly…

We we already living Gluten Free but made the full turn to Paleo after we started CrossFitt-ing a while back. It’s serious business.


First, What is Paleo?

( Note: I am not a health care professional… just sharing what worlds for me and my family)

The Paleo diet  is about going back to eating whole foods, nothing processed etc.  IT eliminates all grains, most dairy, and all processed sugar. There are varying degrees of strictness, depending on your reason for choosing a Paleo lifestyle.


Here’s the basic list of Paleo – favored foods:

  • Meat – GRASS-FED, not grain-fed. Grain causes the same problem in animals as they do in humans.
  • Fowl – Chicken, duck, hen, turkey…things with wings that (try to) fly.
  • Fish – Wild fish, as mercury and other toxins can be an issue in farmed fish
  • Eggs – Look for Omega-3 enriched eggs.
  • Vegetables – As long as they’re not deep-fried, eat as many as you want.
  • Oils – Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil – think natural.
  • Fruits – Have natural sugar, and can be higher in calories, so limit if you’re trying to lose weight.
  • Nuts – High in calories, so they’re good for a snack, but don’t eat bags and bags of them.
  • Tubers – Sweet potatoes and yams.  Higher in calories and carbs, so these are good for right after a workout to replenish your glycogen levels.
  • Many people use honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar in limited amounts.

People usually choose to eat Paleo for one of two reasons:

1. an major health issue ( Celiac, severe Autism, and Auto-Immune related disorders are just a few )

2. to maximize fitness performance (Most Crossfitters – of which we are some- eat Paleo)

Those that make the switch in their diet rarely go back, and report remarkable fitness gains or even living symptom free from their diseases.


Our family made the switch to Paleo over a year ago and we have not looked back. I’m going to be honest with you and tell you that we DO eat white rice and gluten-free Oats. We don’t have a reaction to them, so have kept them in our diet, but in pretty strict moderation. We also eat some RAW diary ( a little hard cheese, kiefer, and the kids drink RAW milk). Every now and then I just want to bake ‘normal’ bread and use Spelt flour, but we  pretty much always stay away from  other grains and definitely gluten.

There is a whole lot of great information available to you via the fabulous internet… here are some articles i would HIGHLY recommend to you!

‘Why I DONT eat a Paleo Diet… but Close’ by Dr Axe,

‘The Beginners Guide to the Paleo diet’ by Nerd Fitness,

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