Thanksgiving through Trials - featuring Abi Galatia

Thanksgiving through Trials – featuring Abi Galatia

Thanksgiving… when we list all we are thankful for. But what about when times are really rough and we don’t feel thankful? We asked our readers to reply on Facebook with how they stay thankful through trail.

Abi Galatia shared thoughts that need to be broadcast to the world. Abi knows suffering. After loosing her mother to cancer several years ago, cancer came knocking at her very own door. The past 18 months Abi has kicked cancer’s ass and come out on top. This girl knows how to be grateful. 


You can read more of her story on her blog. 

And here is what Abi says about staying thankful through trials:

“When I feel that I can’t see any light anymore and I feel hard done by,I try to daily speak out everything that I am thankful for, so that I am fully satisfied in my life so I don’t seek the wrong things in the wrong places. This also stops me from wanting what I don’t have or wanting other peoples life’s etc and to be content in what God has given me and my situation at the time. This helps me see where more of the light is, brings my joy back and makes me easier to be around. So everyone’s a winner.”

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  1. tonya Stanfield November 27, 2014 at 9:07 am #

    I loved seeing Abi on your blog. I also lived the pictures on her blog, especially the one of you in an heels and an apron! So Bethany!

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